About Company

Simms Group of Companies, celebrate the 15 years of excellence in business and resource management, being the world leader in everything we have hands on, have a lot of achievements to boast on. We are spread on every nook and corner of the world to serve. . This wide network helps companies to utilize our services globally and locally. Simms Group of Companies received many International Business Excellence awards. We are and were always ready to serve the industry no matter it is large or small. Our expertise is often considered a boon for clients to work with improved quality, unmatched efficiency and productivity raising their business success.

During these 15 years, we could leave our signature on several industries and factors. Some of them are agro industry, fashion industry, facility management, construction industry, oil and gas, shipping, hotels and resorts etc.

Simms Group of Companies was founded in 2002 , by a world-renown importer of a wide variety of goods manufactured around the world. Now we expanded our business into construction, hoteling and facility management. Now Simms Group of companies has active business in Malayasia, Singapore, Maldives and Canada.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help our customers to be competitive in the global marketplace, while obtaining the lowest possible prices on safe, pre- and custom-made products. We strive to be the premiere import service provider in the world, without losing the personal touch service that makes us unique, conveying the confidence that our clients demand.

Our Mission

The company has committed itself to provide the best quality products and services that excel customers’ expectations, expand its lines internationally, and play a dominant role in the industry.