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Why Medi Simms Provides the Most Comfortable and Safe Medical & Non-Medical Face Masks

Masks have become an essential item for the current times. Notably, they are most important for doctors, medical professionals, and the immunocompromised. However, with tight social and business restrictions, everyone benefits from high-grade medical face masks. That's why we offer high-quality civilian masks and have plenty in stock.



Finding a mask that is both effective in protecting against harmful particulates in the air, as well as being comfortable to wear for long hours, can be difficult. That's why Medi Simms designed their most comfortable, safe, 3ply, non-woven Non-Medical face masks. In this blog, we'll go over how the Medi Simms company is designing and supplying businesses with the best face masks on the market, as well as how this company produces the best quality material to manufacture their products, and how you or your business can partner with them.


The Medi Simms Mask: How This Company Is Raising The Standard

Medi Simms uses an innovative design of the 3ply face mask so that it can protect against viruses, bacteria, and particulates in the air. They are single-use masks for optimal safety and utilize Type IIR Protection Technology

Most importantly, Medi Simms wanted to design a 3PLY Ear-Loop face for medical professionals. The ear loops allow for maximal comfort wear, which is something doctors and medical professionals desperately need. These masks are seamlessly designed to fit the contour of any face shape and come in a variety of sizes for adults and children. They use the highest-quality non-woven materials across all 3 layers to protect against the Covid-19 virus and its dangerous and contagious variants.



They offer masks from non-medical to procedure masks up to the ASTM F2100 level 3, which is one of the highest grades available in the world, and something important to the people of Canada. This allows Medi Simms to supply both medical professionals and regular users alike both in Canada and around the globe faster than their counterparts. Reach out today and see how quickly Medi Simms can supply your medical business or hospital with the best face masks on the market.


How The Medi Simms Manufacturing Operation Guarantees Quality

With the world so in need of face masks, and supply chains facing major issues around the world, this company is striving to do better for the people they serve. Medi Simms does this by being one of the first companies to change the way masks are created so that they are not only the most effective and protective in the market but also produced in the quantity and time which they are needed. They are one of the top designers, manufacturers, and distributors of professional-grade surgical masks and particulate respirators. They manufacture their own non-woven medical grade materials in their own manufacturing facility located in China, using high-quality raw material substances so that the quality of Melt-blown fabrics and Spun-bond materials are up to their company’s high standards. Due to their non-woven material design, they are able to keep the QC up to par with the company's morals.



They do this through their involvement with SimmsTex, which is a manufacturing facility that helps to produce non-woven materials in record time, without sacrificing quality. Because of this process, Medi Simms is proud to be one of the leaders in the industry, by having over 50 million face masks in their warehouses in both Mississauga and Vancouver at this very moment.

Now, Medi Simms is importing them to all corners of the world, from their home base In Canada. Medi Simms manufacture ASTM level face masks, which are ideal for standard medical use, so that every medical professional and doctor who needs daily protection from air particulates and viruses can be safe and secure and continue to focus on their patients.


How Your Businesses Can Work With Medi Simms

If you’re a business owner or hospital worker looking for ASTM level face masks, Medi Simms is here to help. They offer mask production for hospital supply chains quickly, in big bulk, while using the best quality of materials in a manufacturing process that values quality control over all else. Contact Medi Simms and discover how they can help you get the masks you need, promptly to keep your employees safe during these difficult times.